New features
10 March 2023

We're excited to announce data parsers. Data parsers are an extremely easy and robust way to parse data from your website to use in Personizely for targeting and personalization. Data parsers can parse data from 5 sources:

  1. Browser Local Storage - takes the value from the visitor's browser local storage and is the equivalent of calling localStorage.getItem(key)

  2. URL Query String - takes the value from the visitor's URL address. Example:, where Jim can be parsed by using name as the source key.

  3. Cookies - takes the value from the visitor's cookies where the cookie name is the source key.

  4. CSS Selector - parses the inner text from an element from the page where the source key is a valid CSS selector used to find that element. Is the equivalent of calling document.querySelector(key).innerText.

  5. JS Variable - parses the value from a JS variable that should be available in the global context where the source key is the variable name (can also use don notation for accessing deeper nested values).

To learn more about data parsers please consult our docs.